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Who We Are

At McGuff Pharmaceuticals Inc. our management team leads the way in retaining our uncompromising passion for quality pharmaceutical manufacturing, clinical trial support and customer satisfaction. We apply relationship management principles to customers both internally and externally. We build teamwork with our customers and employees by staying focused on the important issues that make a difference.

McGuff Pharmaceuticals provides one of today’s most striking examples of creative management by assuring all current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), quality, and business standards are met in the critical areas of pharmaceutical product development, pharmaceutical manufacturing, clinical trial assistance and finance.

Our senior management team has extraordinary experience in all major fields related to the development, manufacturing and marketing of sterile pharmaceuticals. Senior management expertise includes: Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Business Management and other related technologically demanding disciplines.

McGuff Pharmaceutical employees are the company’s most valuable asset. They are technically competent, well centered, efficient, and take pride in the quality products we produce. Many talents are required to achieve FDA cGMP compliant systems and our employees have exceeded these requirements from when the company was first created. Our employees have shown considerable dedication from responsible and experienced technicians, pharmaceutical manufacturing personnel, and quality systems personnel to maintain these standards day after day.

Our employees reflect McGuff Pharmaceutical’s tradition of quality and core competency in pharmaceutical manufacturing and clinical trial regulatory affairs. Employees encounter audits, inspections, quality reviews, and assessments almost on a daily basis. Our employees understand pharmaceutical and clinical trial regulatory oversight, just as they understand that quality is never an accident.

Have the Experts On Your Side

What separates us from our competitors is that we can take your idea and turn it into a saleable product, devise the marketing strategy, sell the product through our sales force, and fullfill the orders through our logistics system. Most companies just offer you a piece of this solution. Very few can provide you with the whole solution as we can.

Having an idea and turning it into a reality is great, however it is not successful unless you can sustain it's existence by selling it. What better people to use to sell the product than the ones that have helped develop the product and have the internal capabilities to sell it into the market.

Pursuit of Excellence

Our goal is to ensure not only your current success, but your continued success into the future. That is the mindset that we take into every project. Whether the goal is a successful New Drug Application (NDA), Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA), large or small clinical trial, each project requires a unique and well thought out strategy.

What differentiates us from other companies is that we provide the full suite of capabilities from not only the regulatory, manufacturing, laboratory, and quality assurance with the execution of bringing your product to market. We are able to tailor our capabilities to your specific needs no matter how large or small. We are here as a partner to help you achieve your goal.

At McGuff Pharmaceuticals, we are constantly reinventing ourselves to not only meet the current pharmaceutical trends in the market, but to set the trends for the future. Our goal and philosophy is to not just follow the market, but be the driver in the market.

Our employees are highly trained multi-disciplinary professionals that are in a constant state of innovation to improve the market for ourselves and our customers. We pride ourselves in being able to take the hard problems and solve them with a common sense approach that is effective.

It is important to us that our customers leverage our expertise to maximize the potential for successful goal attainment and minimize time-to-market. Utilizing our professional staff to assist you in strategy development will reap many benefits.

McGuff Pharmaceuticals, Inc prides itself on not only meeting, but exceeding the multifaceted regulatory compliance and quality drug market. It is in our identity to exceed the market expectations. One way in which we do this is that we welcome inspections as we are not here to rest on the laurels of what we have done in the past, but have a yearning to continue to prove our quality and compliance day in and day out.

McGuff Pharmaceuticals places a high priority on research and development by aggressively seeking New Drug Applications and Abbreviated New Drug Applications for a continual flow of new products. This program has resulted in numerous achievements in pharmaceutical formulation research, pharmaceutical process development, and pharmaceutical pilot batch manufacturing. Improvements are driven by performance, regulatory and user satisfaction measures.

McGuff Pharmaceuticals maintains FDA inspected microbiology and chemistry labs to support our pharmaceutical research and development. We also use our microbiology and chemistry labs to assist our contract drug manufacturing and clinical trial customers when needed.