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Apollo 16 astronauts were walking on the moon when Gilbert J. McGuff (Gil), decided to supplement his income by supplying innovative medical products to Bariatric physicians and patients. Gil founded the McGuff Company (McGuff) in 1972 and became its sole proprietor. While working fulltime and managing McGuff after hours, Gil still found the time to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in all three of his sons. Each son eventually started his own business.

In 1979 Gil was approaching retirement and sold McGuff to his youngest son Ronald M. McGuff (Ron) who had been working for Procter & Gamble. Gil was hired by Ron as the first company employee and both Ron and Gil worked hard together to build upon McGuff’s early success as a nation-wide distributor of medical products. Ron’s first day working for the new McGuff was April 1st 1979.

A new direction was taken to align the company with the medical profession’s leading innovators in complementary medicine. Understanding the needs of these extraordinary physicians became paramount for McGuff.

The regulatory and market demands on the pharmaceutical industry are constantly changing. Ron’s success in growing McGuff has been tied to his ability to continually adapt and reinvent new ways of supply the physician market with the drugs that they need to treat there patients. In late 1998 a major supplier of pharmaceuticals shut its doors and market shortages surged. Ron was quick to act by creating a compounding pharmacy, McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc (CPS)., to initially compound the drugs that were no longer being supplied to the market which patients desperately needed for treatment. The long-term goal was to build on what was learned from the development of CPS with its successes and grow a sterile fill pharmaceutical manufacturing company. From that, Ron founded McGuff Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MPI) as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2002.