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Why Choose McGuff

At McGuff Pharmaceuticals, we listen to you first. Success of any outsourcing project depends on a close, flexible relationship between both parties at the highest levels. We recognize each clinical trial has unique requirements that in some cases may vary greatly from the norm. We have a proven methodology to assist sponsors to define, organize and execute a process to meet their needs.

We offer the ability of developing internal processes that are robust, transferable, and scalable to meet the unique needs of the clinical trial.

Whether the goal is a successful clinical trial to support a New Drug Application, IND, preclinical or clinical submission, each project large or small requires a unique and well thought out strategy. Each strategy needs to be defined to assure success. Large or small projects involve selection of different regulatory and quality strategies at different levels. Usually a strategy consists of well-sketched tactics to accomplish customer goals. Each of the strategies we offer has pre-calculated results because when a particular strategy is chosen at a particular level, its outcome can be leveraged. A reasonable strategy should not only facilitate goal achievement, but also define the action sequence and incorporate efficiencies within a campaign.

McGuff Pharmaceuticals, working independently or with its Alliance Partners; McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc. and McGuff Company Inc. (a medical products distribution company) can resolve many regulatory and product issues pertaining to clinical trials.

McGuff Pharmaceuticals provides the core competency of FDA current good manufacturing practices and cGMP clinical trial requirements.

McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services provides the flexibility of large or small scale production, pharmaceutical dispensing and cGMP compliance if needed. The compounding pharmacy adds the knowledge of having produced drugs of all types and for almost all routes of administration. This experience can be critical in areas of clinical trial development and execution.

McGuff Medical Products Company provides warehousing and distribution services for clinical trial support.

Our combined management team has extraordinary experience in clinical trial development. Senior management expertise includes; Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmacy, Information Technology, Business Management and other related technologically demanding disciplines.

McGuff Pharmaceuticals maintains FDA reviewed microbiology and chemistry labs to support our pharmaceutical research and development. We also use our microbiology and chemistry labs to assist our contract drug manufacturing and clinical trial customers when needed.

We are here to help. Let us show you how.

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