Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Our Mission is to retain
our uncompromising passion for quality pharmaceuticals and customer satisfaction. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

– Ronald McGuff


In the Beginning

Apollo 16 astronauts were walking on the moon when Gilbert J. McGuff (Gil), decided to supplement his income by supplying innovative medical products to Bariatric physicians and patients. Gil founded the McGuff Company (McGuff) in 1972 and became its sole proprietor. While working fulltime and managing McGuff after hours, Gil still found the time to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in all three of his sons. Each son eventually started his own business.

In 1979 Gil was approaching retirement and sold McGuff to his youngest son Ronald M. McGuff (Ron) who had been working for Procter & Gamble. Gil was hired by Ron as the first company employee and both Ron and Gil worked hard together to build upon McGuff's early success. Ron's first day working for the new McGuff was April 1st 1979.

A new direction was taken to align the company with the medical profession's leading innovators in complementary medicine. Understanding the needs of these extraordinary physicians became paramount for McGuff. The McGuff team visited complementary physicians around the country to understand the unique therapies provided to patients.

Veteran Owned, Family Run Business Success

McGuff was incorporated in 1984 and remains a family owned medical products distribution company.

McGuff developed associations with the industry's leading manufacturers to bring quality drugs and medical devices at discounted prices to complementary physicians. McGuff developed a number of services and products to address specific needs of physicians and patients. Among these innovations were Ascorbic Acid injection with EDTA (replacing Monothioglycerol), Osmolarity Software, EDTA dose calculating software, IV administration sets with internal 15 micron filter, McGuff/physician computerized inventory control and others.

The McGuff medical products distribution company evolved to meet changing needs of multiple physician markets and increased its offering to more than 5,000 products. McGuff's reputation for quality products, excellent customer support and regulatory integrity became known to a broad spectrum of physicians in the United States and around the world.

Establishment of McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc.

Late in 1998 McGuff's management team decided to create a state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy to meet market shortages of specialized injectable drugs. McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services was incorporated October 26, 1998.

McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services was conceived, designed and constructed to exceed all government requirements, establish and implement McGuff's internal requirements for unsurpassed quality standards and to be a model showcase for compounding pharmacy. McGuff Compounding Pharmacy maintains the following accreditations:

  • Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board

Dedicated facility planning, equipment selection, equipment validation and process validation allowed McGuff Compounding Pharmacy to become a compounding pharmacy that has been recognized by its peers in national and international trade journals.

The pharmacy is licensed and provides compounded drugs to all fifty states, territories and protectorates.

Establishment of McGuff Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

McGuff management incorporated McGuff Pharmaceuticals on March 14, 2002 to meet market requirements for aseptically filled new drugs and generics.

McGuff Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspected sterile fill manufacturer that maintains a tradition of quality and core competency in FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) .

McGuff Pharmaceuticals currently provides:

  • Brand and generic injectables under its own label, as well as private labels, for distribution to key market segments.
  • Contract clinical trial services
  • Contract manufacturing services
  • International import / export regulatory services

McGuff Pharmaceuticals provides one of today's most striking examples of advanced technology and creative management services by assuring cGMP, quality, and business standards are met in the critical areas of product development, manufacturing and finance. Senior management expertise includes: Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Business Management and other related technologically demanding disciplines.

McGuff Pharmaceuticals sustains McGuff's efforts to assure physicians and patients retain a steady supply of quality drugs while providing contract drug manufacturing services and clinical trial services.

McGuff Pharmaceuticals maintains offices in the United States and Canada.